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<Animation Cabin> vol.1
Koji Yamamura selection, best animated shorts in 2015

the January 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th, the February 6th,13th, 2016
Screening on Saturdays 14: 30~ (open: 14: 00) / 17:30~ (open: 17: 00)
at gallery space/ Admission free / No reservation needed (15 seats / in order of arrival)

"Conversation" Dir.: Ana Horvat / "Erlking" Dir.: Georges Schwizgebel / "Isle of Seals" Dir.: Edmunds Jansons / "Benches №0458" Dir.: Ivan Maximov / "Leftover" Dir.: Tibor Banoczki, Sarolta Szabo

Many of the works we encountered in 2015 that left a lasting impression on us were unique in their humor and lightness.
Anna Horvat's "Conversation" is a simple, painterly, realistic depiction of one woman's daily activities after returning home, all allegorized by an in-TV story inserted into the picture. There are tricks that one does not notice on the first viewing.
Georges Schwizgebel's "Erling" celebrates the fundamental appeal of animation with solid power.
Edmund Janson's "Seal Island" impresses with its emptiness, which never achieves its goal. The originality of the abstract form's movement shines through.
Ivan Maximov's "Bench No. 0458" is a high-quality variation on his previous works, warmly conveying a loving gaze toward the small creatures.
The male-female duo Tibor Banochuki and Salolta Szabo's "Nokori-Mono" is a colorful, magic-realistic depiction of social meaning in eating. (Koji Yamamura)

Japan premiere
Dir.: Ana Horvat
Croatia / 2015 / 5:30
» Luma film d.o.o.

Japan premiere
Dir.: Georges Schwizgebel
Switzerland / 2015 / 5:30
» studioGDS
Georges Schwizgebel complete filmography
Include "Erlking"DVD
"Georges Schwizgebel complete filmography" at store.

Isle of Seals
Isle of Seals
Dir.: Edmunds Jansons
Latvia / 2014 / 6:03
» Atomart

Benches №0458
Benches №0458
Japan premiere
Dir.: Ivan Maximov
Russia / 2014 / 6:32
» Ivan Maximov

Japan premiere
Dir.: Tibor Banoczki, Sarolta Szabo
France / 2014 / 14:22

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