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<Animation Cabin> vol. 2

March 11th ~ May 7th, 2016
Using the fundamental element of animation, the loop, the artist depicts unknown ecosystems and worlds from micro and macro perspectives.
the unknown ecosystems and worlds from micro and macro perspectives.
The film is a vivid cinematic experience that transcends the time and space format of film.
Rhizome (2015, 11:55), Il(s) tourne(nt) en rond (2011,loop, 4:48), Kyrielle (2011, loop, 10:00)

Boris Labbé


Graphic artist from his beginning, Boris Labbé has been developing, over the last six years, an approach in animated video. Experiment after experiment, the film he develops tend to leave the spatio-temporal pattern imposed by the classical cinema, evolving towards video installation devices that include major technological revolutions of the past century, crossed with the latest digital technology generations. All his videos, like a part of the experimental film heritage have the emblem of the palingenesis, concept making both appeal to the loop and regeneration : cyclical return of the same events ; regular reappearance of ancestral characters ; perpetual return to life.

2015, 11:55
Grand Prize, Japan Media Art Festival, Tokyo
Prix André Martin, meilleur film français dans la catégorie court-métrage, Festival d’Annecy

Il(s) tourne(nt) en rond
Il(s) tourne(nt) en rond
2011, loop, 4:48

2011, loop, 10:00
Prix Spécial du Jury, festival d'Annecy

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