Au Praxinoscope LIVE 005

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LIVE Au Praxinscope vol.5
This is a live performance mixing dance, juggling & music by Rino Komoda & Yuri Yamamura

April 22, 2023 (Sat)
14:30 Doors open 15:00 Event begins
17:30 Doors open 18:00 Event begins
Venue: Au Praxinoscope

Planning & Performances: Rino Komoda (dance), Yuri Yamamura (juggling, music)
Running time: 40 minutes
Seating capacity: 10 seats per performance
Admission: 2,500 yen
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Rino Komoda & Yuri Yamamura

LIVE Au Praxinscope vol.5

Performer Profile
Rino Komoda(dance)
Graduated from Japan Women's College of Physical Education, majoring in dance. She has been a member of the dance company Mademoiselle Cinema for five years. Currently, she is active in juggling, painting, and collaborating with music, crossing the boundaries of genres.

Yuri Yamamura (juggling, music)
Graduated from LIDO, a circus school in Toulouse, southern France. He has studied and practiced juggling as a kind of dance. He organizes small circuses such as BAZAR and APINUN based on choreographic creation focusing on the relationship between objects and the body.

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