Au Praxinoscope LIVE 006

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LIVE Au Praxinscope vol.6
Live flower arrangement, juggling, dance and music
Friday, May 26, 2023 18:00 open 18:30 start
Au Praxinoscope, Jiyugaoka
Hiroe Kato(flower), Yuri Yamamura(juggling,music)
Organized by Yuri Yamamura
Running time: 60 minutes
Seating capacity: limited to 12
admission fee: 3,000 yen
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Hiroe Kato & Yuri Yamamura

LIVE Au Praxinscope vol.6

Performer Profile
Hiroe Kato(flower)
She first came into contact with flowers as a student in the Sogetsu school. After working for a financial company, she became certified as a floral arrangement instructor. Studied flower arranging under Yuji Ueno. She has been actively involved in flower arranging for exhibitions by ceramic artists, flower arrangement at stores and companies, and live sessions.

Yuri Yamamura (juggling, music)
Graduated from LIDO, a circus school in Toulouse, southern France. He has studied and practiced juggling as a kind of dance. He organizes small circuses such as BAZAR and APINUN based on choreographic creation focusing on the relationship between objects and the body.

    On Fridays & Saturdays
Au Praxinoscope
7-13-11 Okusawa 
Setegaya-ku, Tokyo