Au Praxinoscope LIVE 007

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LIVE Au Praxinscope vol.7
A live session performance by a dancer and a juggler
Saturday, July 29, 2023
①14:30 Doors open 15:00 Event begins
②18:00 Doors open 18:30 Event begins

Au Praxinoscope, Jiyugaoka
Tanaka Taro aka Inu dogg(dance), Yuri Yamamura(juggling,music)
Organized by Yuri Yamamura
Seating capacity: limited to 10
admission fee: 3,000 yen (1drink included)
Reservations and inquiries:
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Tanaka Taro aka Inu dogg & Yuri Yamamura

LIVE Au Praxinscope vol.6

Performer Profile
Tanaka Taro aka Inu dogg(dance)
Born in Satoyama, Kyoto. Start bboying in Osaka, and indipended from that to express himself. Moved to Akita to pursue working as a dancer and videographer. Dances to dialogue with the grounding point between the world and himself.

Yuri Yamamura (juggling, music)
Graduated from Le LIDO circus art school in Toulouse, France. He does juggling as a kind of dance which based on choreographic creation focusing on the relationship between objects and the body. He organizes small circuses such as BAZAR and APINUN.

    On Fridays & Saturdays
Au Praxinoscope
7-13-11 Okusawa 
Setegaya-ku, Tokyo