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Please let know about Au Praxinoscope to your friends.
We started mail order site that is only for Japanese.
Au praxinoscope is a space to exhibit the state of short animation around the world, through my personal view point. by Koji Yamamura
Open: on Fridays and Saturdays 12:00~18:00
Au Praxinoscope


We carry international DVDs, Blu-rays, books, optical toys, original artworks, and fine art prints.

1. National Film Board of Canada and British Animation Awards-recognized DVDs, as well as Acme Filmworks DVDs and Blu-ray discs
2. Japanese animation DVD and Blu-ray discs
3. International and Japanese animation-related publications
4. Optical toys including flipbooks
5. Original animation art, sketches, and fine art prints

Online Sore is here.


We exhibit the original work of world-renowned animator.
Priit Pärn, Igor Kovalyov, Georges Schwizgebel, Andreas Hykade and so on...
What is Praxinoscope?
The praxinoscope is an animation device invented in 1877 by Émile Reynaud. >Wikipedia


*Our home page displays many of our offerings. Regrettably we do not offer online sales at this time."
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